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A and S Hansen Farms, Inc.- Audubon, Iowa
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Adam Hansen Audubon, IA
I am an AFS Specialist with Vetter Equipment in Audubon, Iowa. I also farm with my Father and Grandfather. My family farms 1,600 acres in Audubon and Guthrie counties. I have been collecting toys since I was a little kid. In 2003, I got into customizing and building displays.
The display is in the beginning stages!

A and S Hansen Farms, Inc. is located 11 miles east of Audubon, Iowa in the rolling hills. It is a 3rd generation family farming operation. We currently farm in Audubon, Carroll, Cass, Guthrie, and Greene counties. For the 2012 crop year we will have 3,200 acres of corn and 2,400 acres of soybeans.
David is the grandfather and is pretty much retired, but still helps out in the spring and fall. Steve is David's son and has been farming for 29 years with his father. For 2010, Adam entered the operation. Adam is Steve's oldest boy and has been working as a AFS specialist for the local CASE IH dealer, Vetter Equipment.
We run mainly CASE IH equipment with a few colors sprinkled in. We run 3-16 row CIH 1200 series planters. When corn planting is wrapped up, we switch the planters over and plant 30" beans with them. We are 80% no-till so not many employees are needed. *2012 LINE-UP*
2009 CIH 335 Magnum
2010 CIH 335 Magnum
2011 CIH 335 Magnum
2012 CIH 315 Magnum
2009 CIH 180 Magnum
2009 CIH 3330 SP Sprayer
IH 1086
IH 1206
2010 CIH 1240 16R30
2010 CIH 1240 16R30
2009 CIH 1240 16R30
42' CIH Field Cultivator
30' Krause disk
1 Reynolds dirt pan

2009 CIH 7120 w/ 8R and 35' flex head
2010 CIH 7120 w/ 8R and 35' flex head
2-2008 Kinze 1050 Grain Carts: 1 Sof-Tred, 1 Row Crop

Age: 30
Favorite Farm Toy: A and S Hansen Farms CIH 7120 Axial-Flow combine
Hobbies: farming, dirt track racing, hunting, hanging out with my friends and family
Hometown: Audubon, Iowa

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